Ssam Vegetables

Ssam vegetable refers to various vegetables that can wrap meat and be eaten in a mouth size.

The pesticide-free organic ssam vegetable can be eaten with meat or as a salad.

Ssam vegetables such as red lettuce, green lettuce, pak choi are especially rich in vitamins and dietary fiber.

It is a reddish lettuce, usually somewhat thicker than normal lettuce and is slightly bitter.
It leaves are light blue green and is characterized by crisp texture. It contains plenty of vitamin C and carotene, and there are also much calcium and sodium. You can enjoy it as raw, or you can blanch it in a pot with water, salt and oil.
It refers to general green lettuce.
Lettuce prevents cholesterol in the meat from accumulating in the body and clears blood. It also supplement vitamin C, beta-carotene and fiber that are not much in meat.
It leaves are thin and split. The tips of leaves are shrunk and have a bitter taste. It is good to eat with dressing or sauce like mayonnaise.