CEO’s Greetings

〔Company Motto〕 “Let's make food that our family can eat safely.”

Established in 2004, Farm8 is an agricultural corporation that produces and distributes salad vegetables such as sprout vegetables, mini-baby leaf vegetables, baby leaf vegetables, paprika, mini vegetables and special vegetables.

Recently, Korean society has been simplifying, coloring and functionalizing food. As Korea entered the line of developed countries, Western food culture is rapidly being introduced. In order to meet the needs of consumers, we have constructed a sprout vegetable producing factory, greenhouses, a plant factory, agricultural processing and packaging facilities and a high-tech distribution center on 16,529m2 of land in Pyeongtaek and we are doing our best to provide various foods that customers can eat with confidence.

“Let’s make food that our family can eat safely” is the best promise we can give to Korean consumers.

All of our employees will work harder with pride that we are making better food for the future, and will do our best to meet customer expectations.

Thank you.

CEO of Farm8 Co., Ltd., the agricultural corporation