How to Apply

A field trip of our sanitary and sage production site is open to all customers.
A group of at least 20 people can apply for the field trip, and Individual application is only available for the officials in the agri-food industry and the distribution industry.

The field trip program is as follows.
Company Introduction ▶ Agricultural Food Research Institute ▶ Fresh-cut Vegetable Processing Factory ▶ Plant Factory ▶ Special Vegetable Growing greenhouse ▶ Paprika Workshop ▶ Sprout Factory ▶ Pretreated Vegetable Processing Factory ▶ Packing and Distribution Center ▶ Commemorative Photographing
(Paprika farm is applied separately)

The cost of the field trip is free or paid depending on the program.

Please apply for the field trip by the phone or email below.
– Person in charge: 한기원 팀장
– Phone No.(direct): 070-7878-8416 or 010-5256-7360
– E-mail: