Mini Vegetables

Mini vegetables are high in nutritional value such as vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates. They are popular because they can be handled easily and eaten in one mouth.

It can be stored longer than other vegetables, and is light and easy to carry. You can minimize the amount of food waste by buying as much as you need, not buying too much.

Mini vegetable can be used as an ingredient for bibimbap like sprout vegetable or as a decoration for various dishes, giving a visual pleasure.


Cherry tomato was a representative mini vegetable in the past, but now there are many kinds of mini vegetables such as mini-asparagus, mini-lettuce, mini-paprika, and mini cucumber, and they are well-being foods that contain 4 times more vitamins and minerals than normal size.


Mini vegetables are lower in moisture and solid, so they have a higher dietary fiber content, which can also help with dieting.

Recommended Recipe

Boil mini cabbage in water with a little salt, cut bacon in a suitable size and bake it in a pan. Put onions in a pan with butter and fry. Fry baked bacon and mini cabbage with salt and pepper, and now the Bacon Brussels sprout is completed!
The size of the carrot is about the size of an adult finger. Each one has a small weight, but the carrot core is small, the texture is soft and the quality is good.
It is a kind of cabbage, a very small cabbage. It is small but richer in vitamins, minerals and folic acid and normal cabbage so it is good for anemia and is also effective for menopausal symptoms because it has a lot of calcium.
Mini cucumber is a European type cucumber, about 10cm in size, which is developed for snack, salad and lunch. It is fat-free, low-sodium, low-calorie and rich in vitamin C.
Its weight is 30 ~40g and the size is similar to the size of a thumb so you can eat it in one bite. It is only small in size and had more antioxidant effect than normal paprika. Its sugar content is also high and it can be eaten as salad or raw. Especially the cute shape and the sweetness is popular with children who do not like vegetables.
Asparagus is grown to about 10cm, so it is easy to eat as it is so soft and thin to the roots.
It is a basic spice in France and Southeast Asia. It grows in Central Asia and West Asia. It is the same family as onion, but its size is smaller than opinion, its tissue is thin and its moisture content is low. Its taste is softer and sweeter than onion. It is often used as a seasoning for various dishes by fried in oil, and you can make pickle with this and cucumber.