Sprout Factory

  • The sprout factory is equipped with a seed storage room, cultivation rooms (shade cultivation room and light cultivation room), a washing room and a pre-cooling room and a packing room for low temperature distribution, and can produce 2 tons per day.
  • Sprout vegetable cultivation is a combination of rotary drum cultivation and plate cultivation. It produces oilseed rape, cabbage, tatsoi, broccoli, alfalfa, kohlrabi, radish and red radish in a shade or light cultivation room.
  • Sprout vegetable production is done by warehousing of seed ▷ seed washing ▷ seed soaking ▷ rotary drum germination ▷ plate cultivation (light room, dark room) ▷ cleaning ▷ pre-cooling ▷ packing process, and the complete product can be shipped out in about 7 days.