Paprika Farm

  • Our paprika farm produces 200 tons of high quality paprika per year by running 4,959m2 land in summer (sowing (seedlings in Jan. ~ Feb., final transplanting in early Mar., harvesting in Jun. ~ Nov.) and 11,570m2 land in winter (sowing (seedlings in Jul. ~Aug., final transplanting in early Sep., harvesting in early Dec. ~ next Jul.).
  • We are distributing 400 tons. In addition to our farm, we have contracted production of 200 tons produced by 1~2 farms in winter (farms located in lowland such as Gyeongnam, Jeonnam and Jeonbuk) and 1~2 farms in summer (farms located in highland in Gangwon-do).
  • Our paprika farm has improved quality and production of the products by dramatic improvement of the cultivation environment and sorting work such as construction of geothermal heating and cooling facility in 2012, improvement of greenhouse, installation of tube rail, introduction of CO2 environment control system, minimization of pesticide with prevention of natural enemies and installation of automatic sorting machine 2012, In addition, We adopted GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) in 2014 and thoroughly manage the agricultural environment such as soil and water quality and risk factors such as pesticides, heavy metals and harmful organisms, from the production stage to the packaging stage after harvesting.