Business Introduction

[1] Crop Cultivation

Various salad vegetables (sprouts, mini-baby vegetables, baby vegetables, paprika, ssam vegetables, etc.) and special vegetables (herbs, asparagus, mini vegetables, etc.) are cultivated in the company farm or through contract cultivation

[2] Agricultural Products Pretreatment

We pretreat and pack sprout vegetables, baby vegetables, special vegetables, paprika, etc. for consumer’s convenience

[3] Agricultural Products Manufacturing

We produce a variety of salads foods (fresh-cut food, sliced fruit, convenient vegetable) from raw materials such as leaf vegetables, fruit vegetables, bulbs, fruits, etc. through pretreatment processes such as peeling, cutting, trimming, washing and disinfection in accordance with the various demands of consumers in modernized manufacturing facilities applying strict hygienic standards. (HACCP, GAP)

[4] Distribution of Agricultural Products

We distribute salad vegetables or special vegetables produced by our own production or domestic and overseas farming contracts to large discount stores, department stores, large foodstuffs, and franchise restaurants. (Cold Chain System / National Logistics Delivery System)