Sprout Vegetables

Sprout vegetable is young sprout that has been germinated for about a week.

Young sprout vegetable contains four times as much carbohydrate and protein nutrients as grown-up vegetable. It contains a lot of vitamin A, C, and E and has a smooth taste so it is an eco-friendly vegetable that is best suited to modern people who need high nutrients, from growing children to elderly people.


Plant seeds have the highest nutritional activity because the nutrients needed for life support are concentrated and their energy is expressed as sprouts when germinated.


It contains 4 ~ 100 times more active ingredients such as vitamins and minerals than plants that are fully grown, making it the ideal organic food.

Recommended Recipe

Rinse the young leafy vegetables in the sprout vegetables and enjoy the sprout vegetable salad with your favorite dressing.
It is called ‘vitamin’ because it contains a lot of vitamins and it is effective for strengthening eyesight, skin whitening and night blindness.
It contains isothiocyanate and cysteine to help antioxidant and anti-cancer effect and skin activity.
It contains a large amount of ‘sulforaphane’, which contains a lot of anti-cancer substance so it inhibits cancer cells and acts as antioxidant and detoxifying harmful substances.
It contains a large amount of vitamins A, C, calcium and potassium which increases the body resisting power and prevents anemia.
Isothiocyanate is antioxidant and anti-cancerous, and contains zinc, which helps growth and raises the appetite.
It is rich in vitamins and has starch degrading enzyme to help digestion and has anti-cancer effect.
It absorbs perishable products in the intestines and improves bowel movement. It reduces the burden on the liver and bowels and also has the effect of skin beauty and lowering of blood cholesterol.
It is rich in calcium and vitamin, but its calories are low, so it is good for blood pressure reduction and fatigue recovery.