Agricultural Food Research Institute

  • Farm8 Agricultural Food Research Institute is carrying out various researches from basic technology in agricultural food to commercialization with researchers specializing in agrifood and research facilities and equipment. With this, we are doing our best to develop new salad products (sprout vegetable, baby leaf vegetable, paprika, special vegetable, etc.) that reflect consumer trends and improve hygienic and safe agricultural products manufacturing technology so that we can provide consumers with various foods that can be eaten safely.
  • Research and Development (R&D)
    – We carry out research on the development, planning, manufacturing process improvement and safety of agricultural products that consumers can eat safely.
    – We collaborate with industry academic institutes (such as university research institutes and rural development administration to carry out joint research projects on future agricultural technologies that can be developed continuously.
    – With accumulated core technologies, we lead the market in agriculture, pioneer new markets and strengthen global competitiveness.
  • Safety Inspection · Safety Management
    – We carry out physicochemical tests of various harmful microorganisms and residual pesticides for all products produced and harvested by our farm and contract farms.
    – We perform hygienic inspection and safety management according to food safety management standards for pretreatment and food manufacturing workshops and workers.