Plant Factory

Characteristic of the Plant Factory

The full control system minimizes the damage from harmful insects and the taste and texture of the crops cultivated through this system are superior due to the non-chemical cleanliness.

Characteristic of System

1. Mass production (Multistage cultivation)

Increased production per area
Improved labor efficiency

2. Safe production (Clean room)

Prevention of harmful insects
Prevention of pollution source

3. Stable production (Environmental control)

Planned production
Continuous production regardless of the season
Manual cultivation by crop
Cultivation quality control

Characteristic of Crops

Waste minimization

Non-pesticide Cleanliness

Harmful insect damage minimization

Improvement of texture and taste

Other Merits

Less affected by geographic location and climate
(Also available in desert or polar regions)

Can be constructed in the suburbs
(Reduction of transportation cost and carbon emission)

It is hydroponic cultivation so there is no replant failure, and soil management is unnecessary