Fresh-cut Vegetable Processing Factory

Sliced Salad

  • We pretreat raw materials of leafy vegetables (lettuce, romaine, red beet, chicory, etc.), fruit vegetables (paprika, cherry tomato, etc.), and herbs and produce a single product or mixed salad products.

    We also produce a variety of salads that are packed with salad sauces and toppings such as nuts. cheeses, seafood, processed foods (ham, crab meat, canned foods) and meat.

    [Pretreatment process: warehousing of raw materials ▷ storing ▷ selecting/cutting/trimming ▷ Cleaning ▷ Disinfecting ▷ Rinsing ▷ Dewatering ▷ Inner packing ▷ Metal detecting ▷ Outer detecting ▷ Delivery]